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Projects we have completed:

These are some paint jobs by the Master Painter 

that I have been blessed to see & experience.

God's Paint Jobs



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These cabins belonged to Winton Porter, owner of Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi in Georgia along the Appalachian Trail.

The red cabin was a total exterior repaint & the other cabin I painted the handrails only. I did these in trade for better hiking gear. I showed up at Mountain Crossings using military gear & cotton clothing. Mr Porter made sure I left with a much better pack & clothing.

2007 - Cabin Jobs in Georgia while hiking the A T

This house belongs to Dr Tenholder. He put my right knee cap back together after a fall I had in April of '06. Just thought I'd throw in a couple of X-ray pics as well.

2006 - Exterior Trim Only Repaint

This is a new construction interior & exterior paint job. The old house got washed away in one of the 2005 Hurricanes. This one was built on stilts. There are a few pictures of the construction phase as well so you can see the houses progress from the ground up.

2006 - New Construction Paint Job {inside-n-out}

This was a well over due repaint of one of my lovely elderly neighbors house in Ft Walton Bch, FL. Sometime between the time I gave these folks the bid & starting the job, I had had an accident & had broken my right knee cap in 1/2. So when I did this job, I was hobbling around with my right leg stiffened straight out in a leg brace. Good thing I had Goldie helping me on this one.

2006 - Exterior Repaint of a neighbors house-FWB, FL

These are just a few of the folks that I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. Thank you all for your hard work & putting up with the likes of me!!!

A few of the crew

This is an exterior repaint I did on Gulf Shores Dr in Destin, FL. I didn't think to take any before pictures. The paint on this house was falling off! The flaking was so bad that we had to wash the house 2 times to get the majority of the old paint off & of coarse the rest had to be scraped off by hand.

2005 - Exterior Repaint [After Pictures Only]

This was one of our easier jobs as it was a repaint only in a condo unit at "The Inn at Crystal Beach" in Destin, FL. There was not much in the way of repair work to be done. All the light fixtures & such stayed the same.

I repainted several units in that building for several different customers. This is the only album I am putting up though as they are pretty much the same.

2005 - Total Condo Unit Repaint

This was a pretty big project we did at "The Cabana Club Condos" in Destin, Fl. We removed all the wallpaper throughout the entire unit. We had a lot of wall repairs to do in the bathrooms as well as some water damage repair on the beach side of the unit. We totally repainted the complete unit and refinished a small TV stand & dining room furniture.

2004 - Wallpaper Removal/Repaint

This is a partial repaint & some furniture refinishing I did for a customers in the East Tower of "Silver Beach Towers" in Destin, FL.

I want to thank my friend, Dave Stovall, owner of Sign Masters in Ft Walton Beach, FL for graciously allowing me to use his paint booth to do the furniture refinishing.

2004 - Repaint & Furniture Refinishing

This is a Granite Faux Finish I applied in the Master Bath & Hallway of a Condo Unit for a customer in the West Tower at "Silver Beach Towers" in Destin, FL.

This is also the 1st of any pictures I had taken of the jobs I had done. These are scanned Polaroids. Digital technology wasn't part of my tools at the time.

2004 - Granite Faux Finish

Hope you have a Blessed Day!!!

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These are photos I took on the Appalachian Trail.

I hiked the Georgia section in May/June 2007

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